Westwoods Building

Who is Westwoods?

The Westwoods Recreation and Agricultural Society is a multi-purpose facility perfect for hosting weddings, family reunions, birthday parties and fund raisers. We have a large yard including a ball diamond, basketball court, playground and a large area for recreation vehicles and parking. We offer very reasonable rates and tons of privacy. Check out our rental rates and bookings calendar.


• Family Reunion Hall & Yard
$300.00/Weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun)
• Wedding Hall & Yard
$500.00/Weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun)
• Hall Only- $125.00/Day
• Decorate hall on Thursday $75 (no trailers to be parked in yard Thursday)
• Yard- $50.00/Day
• Hall and Yard- $150.00/Day
• Kitchen Only- $50.00/Day
• Meeting Room Only- $50.00/Day
• Electrical Plug- $10.00/Day

Additional Information
*A day starts at 9:00am and will end at 5:00am the following day.

*A $500.00 damage deposit is required for weddings.

*A $150.00 damage deposit is required for family reunions.

*The damage deposit plus rent is due 30 days before rental date along with a signed rental agreement and a copy of PAL insurance if you will be serving alcohol at your function.

For added convenience Westwoods has many additional accommodations on site.

•Garbage Shed 

• Glass plates and silverware x300

• Chairs x350

• 8 foot rectangular tables x38
• 6 foot rectangular tables x10
• 5 foot round tables x4
*The tables are to be stored in the storage room.

• Approximately 300 wine glasses
Due Diligence

The Westwoods Recreation and Agricultural Society consist of a volunteer board. The facility is cleaned and maintained by these volunteers. We have attempted to leave the rent at a very reasonable rate, by complying with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, you will be helping us to continue to offer the facility to individuals and groups at these prices. We thank you in advance for your cooperation!

•The Agrelot complies with the Alberta Government's non-smoking policy.

•Please do not run over the trees!

•Please keep dogs on a leash and clean up after them as you would at any park.

•Please do not use roller blades, scooters or bikes within the building – they will leave black marks on the floor which you will be required to clean.

•A garbage shed is provided for your convenience. All garbage must be securely tied in large garbage bags and placed in the shed on the west side of the building. Do not leave any garbage inside the building.